"I N T E R E S T I N G" oL I N K S 1to show what we're up against!                
      The worst and most despicable evilness (they put the music behind this disgusting video!)                
      Congratulations to the EVIL SPANISH for this repulsive and SICK animal abuse!!            
      These little hogs are a million times better creatures than these ugly cowards!            
      Horrible but not really a surprise! Not if you have been paying attention!                
      What you get when you elect evil morons to make the rules..........                
      March 2018 Sumatran tiger murdered, yeah, in the 21st century!                
      The murder of Topsy by freaking psychopath JERK edison                
      Ooow, stuff just to die for....................PRECIOUS (not!)                
      They truly are the ugly cancer of the world aren't they?                
      What humans think are treasures...........................                
      Cancer of the world having the time of their lives                
      The daily raping of the planet in progress.......                
      Cambodia, another despicable SHITHOLE!                
      Vanity and self-obsession at its WORST!                
      Numbers of small fire arms produced                
      A good link: the Humane League!                
      Africa , well, disgusting as usual                
      Spanish evil retards at it again..                
      NRA payments to politicians                
      A couple of genuine heroes                
      George Carlin on Religion                
      The war against wildlife                
      Insanity at its WORST!!                
      "Nice shot" COWARD!                
      Just some statistics                
      Rhino "hunt"