Message from the heart.................                
      Your writer was forced to transfer his concerns, grief and pain into this book in an attempt                
      to deal with the matter. Sad circumstances put down in the book were unfortunately                
      replaced by new ones on a daily basis and the book got thicker. The main                
      purpose of the book however is to create a better world for animals:                
      the writer's time and pain are secondary to that. If you share the                
      writer's concerns and want to make a donation for this free                
      book, you would help tremendoesly, no matter how                
      little you can spare. We think this book should              
      be printed. Also, dealing with these heart-                
      breaking matters 24/7 has been a                
      burden that has taken a huge                
      toll. So, many thanks in                
      advance, it is appre-                
      ciated immensely!                
      Let's stick together and make              
      this world a better place.              
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